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Rupert Spira

Rupert SpiraRupert Spira is a renowned ceramic artist who examines the relationship between consciousness and form.  Now, on it’s surface, this investigation might not signal a deep, comprehansive understanding of the truth of reality; in truth, it does.

Rupert’s world is of such beauty it must be pointed to, in the hopes that more may discover and enjoy the true nature hidden in it’s message.

Rupert's great gift is the gentleness and precision of his pointing while escorting the student  on a leisurely walk through the maze of our sense perceptions, bodily senations and thoughts. The exploration is designed to demonstrate the fallacy of our inherited beliefs about reality and to replace them with the facts of our direct experience, our True Nature.

It is the simplicity and accuracy of Rupert's direct experiential pointing in  live satsang and in book, that make his work such a joy. His clarity is a gift, gently allowing a sudden and complete seeing to occur. He asks: Do these perceptions we are now experiencing, really occur in different spaces, or do they all arise from exactly the same 'space"?

Look inside Rupert’s historical influences, if you will: Atmananda Krishna Menon, the great Indian Sage, taught Jean Klein before he returned to the West to teach to a western audience the Truth. Jean Klein subsequently wrote more than 7 books, each more complete than the last, all available through

The good news is that Rupert has recently published a book entitled.”The Transparency of Things”, simply a masterpiece in 20th century contemporary advaitic literature. I don’t say this lightly. I have read hundreds of recently published works in tis category and find most of them socially amusing but of little practical importance to the discovery of our true selves. Rupert's work assists us with this heavy lifting.Click here to read a free sample from The Transparency of Things. You can pick up a copy of this remarkable book from Rupert's site. Also, my conversation with him about this book is available as a DVD on Amazon.

Be sure to visit his website directly at

Read the samples here and then,watch the video interview done by  Renate McNay at Conscious TV in England.  It really is quite good and worth the time.




Vist Rupert's publisher at


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